lundi 11 mai 2009


A character based on a dear friend of mine, Laura Junger!
She's a fantastic illustrator, you can find her work here:

Lately, I've been playing with a cool multi color pen that a friend of mine brought me from Japan! Here are a few samples of the sketches I've been doing with it on my commutes to work:

  • An other composition on human beings from my sketch book that I called "People are Awesomely Weird". I cleaned that one up in Photoshop. Hope you'll like it! :

  • I did this composition of couples in my sketch book while commuting to work and wanted to clean it up in Photoshop to share it here. Love is beautiful:

  • I love to draw on the metro every day! Here are a few samples of sketches I do on my commute to work. You can check out more raw sketches here:

  • The metro was so empty that day, so I came up with some imaginary commuters' faces:

  • Sometimes I don't feel like drawing people as I see them on the bus, so I trace imaginary lines as I'm looking at them and try to recreate their volumes by memory later on. Here's a sample of that kind of experiment:

  • Visual Developement:  : My husband and his brother are writing a book together! I did this image based on their story. I don't usually do a lot of heavy photoshop work, so this one took me out of my comfort zone.

  • Sketch Book Pages : Here's a few sketch book pages that I worked in Photoshop for fun. By the way, I usually put raw sketch book images in here :  Go check it out! Lately, I'm having a blast working on combining anatomical shapes .... I may look like a creep because I just draw anatomy all the time... but it's truly the best way for me to learn about shape language and volume.... 

  • Anatomy warm up : Before I start work,  I like to do some warm up sketching in flash. Here is a small glimpse : 

  • Me and Jérémie working hard onto some animations ;) We each have a very different way to work :

  • Drawings for friends : A few drawings I did for people I love!: 

  • My little sister Kenza just turned 21, she is incredibly inspiring and talented. I tried to represent her

in this sketch :

  • My coworker, Kris Toscanini, has an amazing family: 
<3 :="" for="" love="" much="" p="" them="">

  • My dear friend Helene Grotans is a super talented violinist. She's so passionate and so gorgeous! Oh and she knows beer more than anyone else! I did this sketch of her for her Bday!:

  • I did this sketch of my dear friends Laurene Braibant, Vaiana Gauthier and Elsa Duhammel. They are wonderful human beings and artists, you should check out their work online for a serious dose of inspiration!:

  • My mother Birgit Yew is an endless source of inspiration. I did these sketches of her dancing with her Cello for her Birthday:

  • My neighbor Mohammed and his friend Claude are doing beautiful poetry and music together. I did this sketch of them at one of their show:

  • My friend Samuel Claiborn is such a super star, I made that drawing for his Bday:


  • Jérémie and I won a price for the Metro Contest in L.A thanks to that drawing. For a while, this drawing was shown on the screens of every bus running in the city. The theme of the contest was "corruption" :


  • Trying some pastel my german aunt sent me :

  • Here's a sample of a comic book that Jérémie and I have been working on. Based on one of his script :

  • .Anatomy and watercolor!! Two of my favorite things ever :

  • And some imagination drawings I did when I was still living in France :

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