mardi 6 août 2013

Ghostbot : Some of the work I do there!

I found a small app that allows me to animate on my Amazon Tablet! So I've been animating with it while commuting to work! I have to do straight animation though because the app only allows me to see the first previous image. There's something very freeing about doing straight animation... The constraints of this app are forcing me to focus on motion and not so much on drawing... I hope you guys will enjoy this very rough animation practice! :)

  •   Lucas Art : Check out the Holiday card we did at Ghostbot for Lucas Art! I had the chance to animate it along with the talented Sam Chi. Roque Ballesteros directed it. See the full animation here :

  • Torom Tellum: short for Nickelodeon! Check out the fun short I animated along with Brad Rau for Nickelodeon : 

  •   Drake VS Lil Wayne Show : I drew some of the art that were displayed on stage for the touring show of Drake VS Lil Wayne. My black & white layouts were then painted by grooving artists. And the best part was to eventually see them on huge screens on stage during the show. I got to draw a lot of bad boys/ girls, muscles, hands and butts. I felt in my comfort zone ( ^..^).  Here's a small glimpse :

  •     Pharrel Williams : We worked on a proof-of-concept test to show what Pharrell + Ghostbot would look like. Pharrel was a wonderful client to work for.  I got to do some of the Story Board, Character Designs, Layouts and Animations! Bellow are a few samples :

Storyboard poses :

  • Personal Practice after work: My awesome friend Jeremy Polgar taught me how to do gifs! By the way, you guys should go see his work online, Jeremy Polgar is SUPER DUPER talented. I'm a big fan of his work. See for yourself  :                    And his reel :                                             So the gif bellow is an example of the sort of personal animation I adore doing inbetween work : 

  • Mugsy and Biscuit - Facebook Stickers : I worked onto some fun stickers for Facebook over at Ghostbot. Alan Lau was my director on it and of course a huge help and endless source of inspiration! Alan created the original design of Biscuit (the corgi) and I drew/ animated the poses you can see below. The original design of Mugsy (the frenchie) was done by me and I then drew & animated the followings stickers. Enjoy and go use them on Facebook!!!:

      And bellow are some of the still stickers I did. I also included
some roughs that didn't make it on Facebook : 

  • The Ever Changing Commuter : I commute 4 hours a day to go to Ghostbot so I draw A LOT of people. While flipping through the pages of my sketchbook, I got the idea to just animate a couple of those faces together. So here's the little animated methamorphose practice: 

  • Sly Cooper - Cut Scenes & Commercials : Bellow is a break down of a few shots I animated on the marketing video "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time". I have worked on this project a little longer than a year and had a blast! Natasha Brown and Kris Toscanini helped me coloring and symbolizing some of these poses that I drew in Flash. (yay team work!!) And of course my 3 directors Roque Ballesteros, Alan Lau and Brad Rau are always a huge help, they are teaching me so much every single day. I am the luckiest drawer/ animator on earth with these guys!

vendredi 30 mars 2012

Exercising some more volume, anatomy and movements ; my three passions in life ^^

  • Anatomy Animation : When I have free time, I love to animate anatomy! Anatomy to me is the best way to learn about volume  and movement. And holly cow, I have A LOT to learn about these two issues!

lundi 1 février 2010

SHOW REEL January 2010, flash animations (traditional flash)

Show-Reel January 2010 from Tatyana Drewry Carvin on Vimeo.

This Show-Reel presents my work as a traditional flash animator on the TV-Serie "Coquillette the Fairy" and the long feature "Papa Raconte". As well as personal animations I like doing after work.

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

SHOW REEL may 2009, cut out flash animations and traditional animations.

DEMO-mai-2009 from Tatyana Drewry Carvin on Vimeo.

This Show Reel presents my work on The World of Pahé as an animator (, The Man in the Blue Gordini as an assistant animator (, Fears of the Dark as an assistant animator ( and personal animations research that I regularly realize for nothing more than pleasure.

lundi 11 mai 2009


  • I love to draw on bus every day! Here are a few samples of sketches I do on my commute to work. You can check out more metro sketches here:

  • Visual Developement:  : My husband and his brother are writing a book together! I did this image based on their story. I don't usually do a lot of heavy photoshop work, so this one took me out of my comfort zone.

  • Sketch Book Pages : Here's a few sketch book pages that I worked in Photoshop for fun. By the way, I usually put raw sketch book images in here :  Go check it out! Lately, I'm having a blast working on combining anatomical shapes .... I may look like a creep because I just draw anatomy all the time... but it's truly the best way for me to learn about shape language and volume.... 

  • Anatomy warm up : Before I start work,  I like to do some warm up sketching in flash. Here is a small glimpse : 

  • Me and Jérémie working hard onto some animations ;) We each have a very different way to work :

Drawings for friends : A few drawings I did for people I love:

My little sister Kenza just turned 21, she is incredibly inspiring and talented. I tried to represent her
in this sketch :

My coworker, Kris Toscanini, has an amazing family: <3 :="" for="" love="" much="" p="" them="">

Jérémie and I won a price for the Metro Contest in L.A thanks to that drawing. For a while, this drawing was shown on the screens of every bus running in the city. The theme of the contest was "corruption" :

Trying some pastel my german aunt sent me :

Here's a sample of a comic book that Jérémie and I have been working on. Based on one of his script :

.Anatomy and watercolor!! Two of my favorite things ever :

And some imagination drawings I did when I was still living in France :